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DMD Highlights

  • Private schools located throughout the United States.
  • Day and boarding choices for all students.
  • The opportunity to be accepted into elite academic private high schools.
  • Assistance in making a personalized school choice.
  • Possibility to study for multiple years in the US.
  • Year-round counseling and guidance.
  • Graduation possibilities at many private schools.

Why Choose DMD

DMD/PHP operates the largest F-1 visa Private High School Program in the United States.

DMD/PHP currently works with more than 90 schools through the United States. Students are able to choose schools in almost any geographic area of the United States.

The program has rolling admissions, enabling students to enroll at any time during the year.

The DMD/PHP staff will assist you with the application process and in finding a school that matches your needs.

The DMD/PHP staff keeps in contact with the schools and the students throughout the year, helping with any concerns that may arise. There is a 24-hour toll-free emergency phone number so that students can contact a DMD/PHP representative at any time.

DMD/PHP is dedicated to insuring that each student has a rewarding educational and cultural experience.


About Us

DMD Private High School Program has been successfully operating exchange programs for high school students since 1997. DMD/PHP helps more than 350 students attend private schools each year. The DMD/PHP main office is located in Bay Shore, NY.

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