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F-1 Student Visa

All students participating in the Private High School Program will have been issued an F-1 visa by a US Consulate outside of the United States. An F-1 visa is a visa that allows for study at an academic institution. All students who are accepted into the Private High School Program will receive an I-20 form issued by the private high school. All students will need to make an appointment at the US Consulate for a personal interview. During this process, students will have to supply the consulate officer with the I-20 form as well as other personal information, such as their passport and proof of finances. This information allows the US Consulate to determine whether the student is eligible to receive an F-l visa. Once issued an F-1 visa, students are able to enter the United States and attend school. In most cases, students who are issued an F-1 visa are eligible to study in the United States for multiple years.

DMD Students Services

Students who enroll in the Private High School Program will receive exceptional service from DMD. There is a local contact person at each private school who is able to assist with any concerns or issues that may arise. Our National Office in New York is also very involved with each student. The National Office will, in many cases, speak directly with students concerning various matters throughout the year.

Students are always free to speak with their local contact person or someone from our National Office. There is an emergency DMD, toll-free phone number that is monitored seven days a week.

School Life

Activities, Clubs & Sports

Private high schools in the United States believe that a complete education includes more than just academics.

Students can develop character and life skills while working with US students in school-sponsored activities, clubs and after-school sports programs.

All DMD private schools offer a variety of after-school activities, clubs, social events and sports.

We encourage all of our students to participate in these unique activities. These are great opportunities to make new friends, pursue specific interests and develop new life skills.


Health Insurance

All students participating in the DMD Private High School Program are required to purchase student health insurance though DMD. Each student will have a non-deductible, comprehensive, insurance policy that covers accident and illness for the duration of their program.

About Us

DMD Private High School Program has been successfully operating exchange programs for high school students since 1997. DMD/PHP helps more than 350 students attend private schools each year. The DMD/PHP main office is located in Bay Shore, NY.

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